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Gallery closed please view Gallery 1


With galleries and markets closed during lockdown, this exhibition is an alternative platform to sell paintings.

 A selection of New paintings with some pictures at reduced prices.

These paintings are warm, vibrant with a lasting charm and would bring joy to any home. 

Viewings and more photographs on request, pictures are sold framed unless stated, prices are excluding delivery and postage, collection is by arrangement. Click on the images for prices.


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 e; ange.vanoss@btinternet

t; 01249 750046 

1) Fogging mornings have always intriqued me, I stumbled through the kale over several winters, this cow caught my eye.

2) While searching for my cat which had gone missing I found this wonderful location, sadley I found no cat. This painting has a feeling of stillness and autumn.

3) The peace, beauty, solitude of the tree in the middle of the field is wonderful I call this location lockdown tree. 

4) The black pony spent the winter galloping up and down, snorting and bucking, he made me laugh.

5) The farmer was carting straw bales through a track in the middle of the field, he drove as slow as possible so I could paint, the clouds feel like they are floating by.

6) The corner of a field near where I live, a small butterfly flits about on his travels, front left of the painting, this painting has some fresh bold brushwork. SOLD

7) Ploughing, the change in the seasons, crops to be seeded, lots of worms for birds which magically disappear when my easel is set up.  Hard work following the tractor across the newly ploughed field.

8) This was a marathon 39 portraits done from life, I now feel more confident about painting sheep.

9)  From a series of still lifes I painted on return from Morrocco, this is a small oil sketch I found in my plan chest, its cute.

10) End of the summer, a few walkers and an empty life guard hut a perfect studio and shelter from the wind.

11) From my Morrocan series of boats I painted from a visit to Essaouira, I sat amongst the fisher boats sketching, the beautiful mass of blue boats.

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