My paintings are a celebration of the countryside.

Paintings evolve over several years, I start by making sketches and studies on location, it is an adventure, sketches become individual pictures or a series of work.  I use a variety of mediums; oils, acrylic, pastel and gouache, ink, charcoal and pencil.


My aim is to capture an essense of the subject with character, light and atmosphere using strong beautiful colours reflecting what I see and feel, an emotional response an expression of my soul.

Studying fine art at the Byam Shaw School of Art, London 1983-1986 and at the Bath Academy of Art 1982-1983 gave me the opportunity to work from observation in the life room, drawing and painting, to discover the galleries in London, travel to Europe and Russia, after which I returned to live and work in Wiltshire.

My inspiration comes from my passion of walking through fields, spending time with animals, in the sun, rain and snow following all the seasons.  My studio is frequently on location, why stay inside when I can be outdoors where the wind blows, harvest ripens, sheep have lambs and donkeys loose their thick shaggy coats.

I am passionate about paint, pictures and the countryside, with a dedication to direct observation I observe my subjects, painting from my heart, reflective and responsive I am excited to paint.


An early inspiration was my grandfather Tom van Oss a portrait and landscape painter.  The artists currently influencing me are; Manet, Monet, van Gogh, Matisse, Constable, Turner and Stubbs and the recent exhibition of David Hockney.  I just love Hockneys landscapes and colours and take inspiration from his location work outside in all seasons as I do, how inspiring.

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