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My paintings are a celebration of the countryside.

My aim is to capture an essence of my subject with character light and atmosphere using strong beautiful colours, reflecting what I see and feel, an emotional response an expression of my soul.  I am passionate about paint, pictures and the countryside, with a dedication to direct observation I observe my subjects, painting from my heart, reflective and responsive I am excited to paint.

For my inspiration I look to nature; the animals, the seasons, walking, cycling, riding horse back along the lanes, in the muddy fields of winter and hard sun baked ground of the summer months, my studio is frequently on location, in the field or woodland.  I currently live on a farm in Wiltshire with no large in door studio I frequently seek out a neighbours barn or empty sheep shed to use as a pop up outdoor studio, in all honesty I prefer working outside, wrap up warm and the nearer to nature the better.

My process; Paintings evolve slowly I use a variety of mediums; charcoal, pencil, inks, gouache, pastel and oils.  I start by making sketches, sketches become individual pictures, perhaps a series of paintings, taking shape over several years with no quick fixes in my technique, I have many frustrating days when pictures do not work, and challenges to overcome before expressing with clarity my vision, finally creating a lasting sustainable painting which will I would hope give joy and pleasure for many years.

An opportunity to spend three years working from observation in the life room, when I trained at the Byam Shaw School of Art, London 1983-1986 had a lasting influence on my painting.  The artists I am currently influenced by are; Manet, Monet, van Gogh, Matisse, Constable, Turner, Stubbs, Aldin and David Hockney.  I just love Hockney's landscapes and colours and take inspiration from his location work outside in all seasons as I do, how inspiring.

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