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Castle Combe 'prettiest village in England'

Recent sale of 'Castle Combe', oil on canvas.

Voted the 'prettiest village in England in 1961, Castle Combe provides the perfect film set, films include Doctor Dolittle 1967 starring Rex Harrison & Anthony Newley, the bridge and river (you see in my painting) was transformed in the film set into the seaport of Puddley-on-the-Marsh, Stardust was filmed 2007, The Wollfman 2008 and Steven Spielberg's famous movie War Horse 2010. Castle Combe is the ideal location, with no TV aerials or telegraph poles in sight, it is a walk back in time. My family lived in the village, a glorious childhood, freedom to walk, ride and enjoy the beauty and surrounding countryside and in later years I was inspired to paint this painting.

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